Our story

The idea of creating our project is much deeper, it is our unique story, our dream, our ambition to bring something unique to society, which can change the perception of people and emphasize the value of quality.

We are a proud Slovak brand that can boast of quality production - behind every unique product there is a good idea, great design work fine-tuned to the smallest detail and, last but not least, your long-standing joy and the feeling that even thanks to our products you become exceptional in your uniqueness. And the uniqueness and the difference makes the spirit of our work...

The uniqueness of the idea is not just about looking for a difference in product appearance. Uniqueness has much deeper meaning in our eyes. It's the way - from the idea of realization to the final unpacking of the product in the hands of a new user, that means you.

We have just gone this way and we know that not only the graphic design of clothing, image, but also packaging and presentation methods contribute to the ultimate success of our project and to your delight. And that is the most important thing for us.

First, a good idea will arise that we will work with for as long as the final product does not meet our expectations. And we'll fine-tune this process to the smallest detail.

Practical elements on our products only confirm the detail. Why should we cut off bad tags every time we buy new clothes and be nervous while wearing them? For us an unnecessary thing. There is no comfort, functionality and quality in one package. Wherever we are, we feel comfortable in our own home where we can fully develop our thinking and be ourselves.

Environmental pollution is a topic that moves around the world, and various projects and organizations are being created everyday to prevent the devastation of our planet.

We do not stand indifferent either. Plastic is an unrecognized material for us. Not only do we sort waste during the production process, but each of our customers will get a product on whose packaging we used recyclable and reusable materials. We live in a world where we must not remain indifferent to what is happening to our living space.

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